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Buddhist Gumba Reading UK has  had purchased it’s Gumba house in Early on Monday, 3rd October 2022 with handing key to our Mule Guru Khenrinpoche Shirlama Guru handed by our BGRUK chairman Insp. Khem Bahadur Gurung and property coordinator Mr Chandraman Gurung in the presence of  local organisation’s heads. Since then we are having constant meeting and consultation with professionals. To achieve final goal BGRUK has formed a manegerial team of two as property coordinator Mr Chandraman Gurung as Housing manager and VP Mr Nar Bahadur Gurung  as his assistant manager.

On technical and official side Treasurer Maj. Buddhi Bahadur Gurung is taking full responsibility. To make work simple and easy, rest of the members are obliged to help our management team.

BGRUK management team started its ground clearance work from Saturday, 15 October 2022 with enthusiastic volunteers, which were  very exciting.

All interested volunteers are welcome to accumulate virtues.

Day 1 Gumba Clearance (Saturday, 15 October 2022): –

Day 2 Gumba Clearance (Sunday, 16 October 2022): –

Food Sponsored by Mrs Basantee Gurung.

Day 3 Gumba Clearance (Sunday, 30 October 2022):

Day 4 Gumba Clearance (Tuesday,1 November 2022):- 


Day 5 Gumba Clearance (Wednesday 2 November 2022): –

Big “Thank You” goes to Mr Surya Gurung and his helper Bhai, who are  working behind the scene for your selfless and tireless commitments in our Gumba Clearance work. In day five, we just managed to clear front side, but we have more things to do in backyard as its huge and challenging. So, I like to request all volunteers people to come and join in you spare time for good cause. We will update continuously until it’s done. This is not our but its your Gumba, please, do come and join us.

Day 6 After Clearing the front side (Thursday, 3 November 2022): –

Day 7 Gumba Clearance (Saturday, 5 November 2022): –

Food Sponsored by Mrs Usha Gurung.

Day 8 Gumba Clearance (Sunday, 6 November 2022): –

Food Sponsored by Mrs Kamala Gurung and Mrs Keshu Gurung

Day 9 Gumba Clearance (Saturday, 12 November 2022): –

Food sponsored by Mr Rajendra/Mrs Ganaga Gurung.

Day 10 Gumba Clearance (Sunday, 13 November 2022): –

Food sponsored by Mr Suryaman/Mrs Bina Gurung.

Day 11 Gumba Clearance (Monday, 14 November 2022): –

Day 12 (Saturday,19 November 2022): –

Food  sponsored by Mr Mahendra & Mrs Usha Gurung

Day 13 (Sunday,20 November 2022): –

Food sponsored by Mr Kamal/Mrs Jayanti Gurung, Mr Surya Kumar/Mrs Sarita, Maj Buddhi Bahadur/Mrs Asha Gurung and Mr Krishna/Mrs Keshu Gurung.

Day 14 Gumba Clearance (Saturday, 26 November 2022): –

Food sponsored by Mr Kamal & Mrs Deva Gurung

Day 15 Gumba Clearance (Sunday, 27 N0vember 2022): –

Food  sponsored by GM Jai Bahadur Gurung MVO/Mrs Ramkumari Gurung

Day 16 Gumba Clearance (Saturday, 03 December 2022): –

Food Sponsored by Reading Ghandruk Samaj UK.

Day 17 Gumba Clearance (Sunday, 04 December 2022): –

Food is sponsored by Mr Abhisek/Mrs Devika Gurung.

Day 18 Gumba Renovation Progress (Friday,  30 December 2022): –

As you know that buddhist Gumba Reading UK (BGRUK) is in course of renovation. As of today, Friday, 30 December 2022, Gumba progress areas follows –


Day 19 Latest update (11 April 2023): –

Day 20 Gumba Renovation Progress update 13 April 2023: – 

We are happy to announce that 95% of Gumba renovation work has been completed, and are eagerly waiting to recieve cargo from Nepal to install all Buddha statues, Mhane, Hall, room, door-decos  , which are on the way. BGRUK team  are committed to comlete before Buddha Jayanti, which is our historic-day. In Buddha Jayanti 5 May  2023 we are opening our new Gumba officially, but due to spaces and time, day 6 May 2023 we are holding grand opening in Avenue school in Tilehurst.

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