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Buddhist Gumba Reading UK in brief

Buddhist Gumba Reading UK In Brief

Buddhist Gumba Reading UK (BGRUK)



Reading is a large town in Berkshire in England. It has many ethnic and religious groups.

Among them are Buddhist followers who are increasing year by year. As the numbers of Buddhists increase, we  realized that we need to have our own ‘Gumba’, a Buddhist monastery, where we can practice, preserve, and study Buddhist way of life.

For this purpose, we came with the idea of building our own Gumba through voluntary contribution, charities, and cash loan basis. It’s not a small project and can’t be done in short period of time, but we would like to expect your full moral and financial support before, during, and after the project completion.

The purpose of Buddhist Gumba Reading UK (BGUK) is to provide a place of Buddhist practice, whereby an understanding of Nirvana (मोक्ष), freedom from all suffering with an emphasis on the teachings of Lord Buddha, is taught.

Most importantly, we would like to facilitate the basic aspect of ritual practices and pujas based on our custom. We are facing many difficulties and differences when performing rituals and Pujas as there isn’t a unified space where we can practice our beliefs.

Most importantly, we would like to unify all Buddhist followers around Reading and its surroundings boroughs and co-exist with the other faith groups and communities.

The centre will also open to guests and visitors who wish to come and stay in a place where there is the opportunity to develop Buddhist mindfulness; to explore spiritual teachings, and to contribute to the life of the community through Buddhism.

Through our centre, we would like to teach how to lead a clean morale life; mindfulness towards own actions; develop wisdom and understanding among different faiths and communities for better life and social cohesion.


  • Religion
  • Ritual practices and Pujas
  • Point of contact
  • Education
  • The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage, and science.
  • Promoting religious/racial harmony, and equality and diversity.


Our main purpose of this project is to preserve Buddha’s ideas and teachings for betterment for all our future generations and its followers. As Buddha himself said “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” Through this project, we can bring lots of positive outcomes and influence individuals to make better themselves. Following the Buddha’s philosophy, we can teach people to live side by side with different faith groups with no problem and encourage them to tolerate and accept different beliefs.

So, it will be our main priority to promote peace, tolerance and coexistence through our own BGRUK Centre here in Reading.

Ritual Practices and Puja:

Buddhism believes that LIFE is impermanent. If there is birth, there will be death too. Buddhism believes in our existence before we born and cycle of rebirth after death.  To get a humanly status he has to put lots of efforts to uplift himself doing good Karmas through Pujas, when he is alive.

For this purpose, Puja is most important aspect in Buddhist theology, which reflects his love for god. Basically, it is carries out to different but big secular place which we called monastery, where group of people or individual can perform Pujas.

On the other hand, death also equally important as birth in Buddhist philosophy. It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that for Buddhist people believe the DEATH is transitional point for his rebirth. Death means is not end of all but still to come many suffering as his/her karmas or deeds. In death rituals, involves many processes in secluded place in many days continuously. Lamas carry out spiritual and ritual ceremonies for dead person.

These are the fundamental necessity for the Buddhist believers, which we can achieve only when we have our own separate building or monastery for these purposes.

Point of contact:

We know that Reading is demographically changing year by year. There is an increase in senior citizens and toddlers’ groups within our communities.

Due to lack of time and proper carer, many old age people face many difficulties to socialize. To facilitate for the elderly, we would like to set up group activities to improve their daily life as possible as we can. For this aim, we have realized that we need to have our own building where the elderly can come around and socialize with one another. The activities we would like to do are yoga classes and chanting classes, which can also facilitate those who are less mobile.

Similarly, we like to help those single parents, who are juggling raising kids and work. We would like to rum day nursery for few hours for new parents.


In Buddha’s philosophy education is the key to remove delusion and enrich wisdom and achieve happiness. These kinds of environment are only possible when we have our own Gumba, where everyone is welcome to practice with trained Gurus who can decipher the words of Buddha and make the religious ideologies more accessible to the interested people.

Having inbuilt Buddhist library, everyone is welcome to self-study or can participate in schedule classes whereby there are teachings of equality, freedom, and justice through Buddhist social philosophy.

“Be kind to all creatures; this is the true religion.” – Buddha

The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science:

BGRUK would definitely like to help the enhancement of arts, culture, heritage, and science through launching many activities, like art, music, theatre, literature, and dance. Buddhism itself is more than 2500 years old and it is rich in culture and heritage.

To run art and cultural project we need a Buddhist monastery where we can run many activities like coffee morning, interaction programme with other faith groups for better community relation.

Promoting religious or racial harmony or equality and diversity:

This will be the core purpose of Buddhist Gumba Reading UK. Buddhism is a religion which believes in peace, tolerance, equality, diversity, and love of nature. Buddhism treats people with equal respect and value which strengthen social bond among many faith groups and people.

As mentioned above, Buddhism promotes peace and respect for other sentient beings. BGRUK would like to make people aware and educate people about racial harmony, equality and diversity. BGRUK would also like to teach about forgiveness and non-violence.


Ultimately, due to the increasing number of Buddhist followers in Reading, it is our foremost necessity to have an accessible building to practice ritual and pujas procession regularly.

The size of Buddhist followers in Reading is quite large so it may be quite challenging to find an ideal venue, but we would like to look at derelict land or abandon barn house or warehouse, which we can renovate for our purpose.  In our purification ceremony and in pujas, the monks play long horns, cymbals, pipes, bells and drums, which are quite loud, and some ceremonies involve lots of incense stick and food-fruits offerings. Therefore, we would like a building that will be able to encompass our beliefs and rituals, whilst still being respectful to the public and neighbours.

We are doing our best to buy and searching a  reasonable building or warehouse near Reading or surrounding, hope we will be success with blessings  of our Guru.

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” – Buddha


                                                                                                                                                                                               – Yubaraj Gurung

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